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Which Ayn Rand Book Should I Read?

Last weekend, I read a very provocative piece in the NY Times that got me curious about Ayn Rand. While I’ve heard lots about Ms. Rand and her objectivist teachings, I have to confess I’ve never read her work. So, I’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and dig into one of her books. Which of her books is the best introduction to her style and philosophy? If I’m only going to read one (and they’re very long, so I’ll probably only read one), which should it be? Thanks!


3 responses to “Which Ayn Rand Book Should I Read?

  1. To really understand Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, the vast majority of people will find it necessary to read and study much more than just one of Rand’s novels. My blog has a lot of resources that can facilitate that understanding.

    You may find this post of interest as a lead-in: Wealth is Created by Action Based on Rational Thought.

    • Will Johnson ⋅

      Thanks for the comment and suggestion! It looks like for now I’m going to start with Atlas Shrugged, but once I see how that goes, I may undertake a more thorough study.

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