Are Michelle Rhee’s Children At Risk?

At The Exhauster, we care about America’s children. All of them. Like Eva Moskowitz, who has bravely included wealthy communities in her charter school revolution, we believe that rich kids deserve just as much care and attention as poor ones.

It has come to our attention that Michelle Rhee’s daughters may be at risk. Here are the facts:

  1. Rhee has verbally abused her daughters in public– repeatedly. In January and July of last year (and likely on countless other occasions), Rhee publicly ridiculed her daughters, stating that they “suck at soccer” and noting that she “routinely” tells these defenseless children that their skills are “lacking.” At one public event, Rhee’s daughters sat “cringing” behind her while she humiliated them for the crowd’s entertainment.
  2. Rhee has physically abused children in the past. When she was a first-year teacher, Rhee taped the mouths of her innocent second-grade students shut. According to Rhee, “The skin [was] coming off their lips and they’re bleeding. Thirty-five kids were crying.”
  3. Rhee’s behavior has been extremely erratic for the past 15 years. Since the mid 1990’s, Rhee lied on her resume, helped her husband with “damage control” after he allegedly sexually assaulted a Sacramento woman, falsely claimed that The Wall Street Journal and Good Morning America had praised her work, and presided over a massive testing scandal in our nation’s capital.

As a teacher, I am required by law to report any suspected abuse or maltreatment of children to the proper authorities. Thankfully, Rhee’s daughters spend most of their time living in Nashville with their father (Rhee’s first husband), so they may not be in any immediate danger. That said, Rhee keeps a residence in Nashville, presumably so that she can have regular contact with her children.

Based on the above evidence, The Exhauster believes that Michelle Rhee poses an emotional, and possibly physical, threat to her daughters. We request that the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services investigate this situation immediately.